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SOTELLIT is the latest innovative personal advice service! Our mission is to help people find the answers that they need to the most pressing questions in their lives. We're proud and excited to support our community as well as of our talent pool of advisors who help them through a comprehensive offering of intuitive, spiritual services and much more!
Trustworthy & Convenient
  • SOTELLIT is a new and innovative way to get answers to all of life's questions, but have no fear -- our staff has extensive experience in providing reliable connections for personal psychic advice.
  • Have peace of mind as you confront every day life with the confidence that you can only gain by the fresh perspective provided by SOTELLIT advisors.
  • Not everyone works that 9-5 dream schedule-- SOTELLIT is always open. You can connect with an advisor on your schedule over the phone, through our online chat, or email at www.sotellit.com or 1-844-SOTELLIT
  • Love & Relationship Advice as well as customized Tarot Readings are just a click away. Our pool of talented intuitives provide personal, focused psychic readings and even a customized astrological reading. Get the clarity you need from your personal advisor- get life guidance and advice when you needed.
  • Safe & Secure for Your Use
  • Your conversations with your personal advisor are always safe, private and completely anonymous as SOTELLIT connects both you and your advisor.
  • We will never reveal any private information about you-- your name, phone number, account details, or payment information. SOTELLIT understands that when it comes to personal advice, your convenience and privacy are of the utmost importance.
  • SOTELLIT is secured by a secure socket layer (SSL), which is the industry standard. SSL encryption provides solid privacy, placing your data into a coded language that cannot be read as it travels through online connections.
  • Member Review Driven
  • Advisor clients often rely on our ratings and written feedback system to make the decision to purchase services from our pool of talented, intuitive psychic advisors.
  • The feedback that advisors receive from members gives future visitors insight into member's experience and the level of satisfaction--providing vital information to new visitors who are looking for services.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • The services offered by SOTELLIT advisors are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    Listing your psychic services on SOTELLIT has a number of benefits. We charge zero set-up fees, we don't earn money until you do, and we provide you with an array of tools and features for you to manage and grow your business. Learn more about using SOTELLIT.

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