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Certified/Licensed Gifted.Want 2Know what's on HIS/HER mind?Career/Changes


100 % Honest straight forward Answers ! Hello and welcome , I am Spiritual Wisdom I Have over 45 yrs experience with my blessed born gift and Connections with my Spiritual guides Rushah and Westlawoe. I can connect with one and deeply be able to See Feel Sense and hear what they need to be aware of what they need to know and what can be done. I am here to tell all that is given to me. No sugar coating no fairy tails and no faults hope of any kind,I tell it with heart and soul and very honest no matter how harsh the news or messages may be. The truth is what sets all free. If you want to know or need answers clarity on all matters in life call me, I help all. Love-Relationship_Marriage-Career-Business-Friends Family Foe's Travel New moves, New choices , Call me and lets see what is in store for your future and lets reveal all you need to be aware of from the past to now the present and all so see what was in your Past Life .Am a 7 generation Psychic/Empath/Clairsentient with a strong intuitive sense that can accurately feel what someone is feeling about you, and can give very accurate predictions on how things will plan out regarding all that is on your path in life.Such as spiritual analysis Chakra therapy and meditation healing. Channeling that can and will help you connect with your loved ones spiritual guides and angels.Call for deep true answers and clarity , Love and light and many blessings.Reveal all what you need to know and be aware of be ready to hear the truth no matter what it may be, Not just what you want to hear. If HE or She Love's you and wants to be with that's great,, If HE or She no longer wants to be with you ,,,, Let them go, Cant hold on to someone that dose not want to be held on to and no one can force anyone's FREEWILL ! No one is meant o be alone no unless they make that choice for them self to do so. Other wise why hold on to some one that makes you more sad unhappy and miserable , ? When you have a choice to let go and be happy with some one that will be there for you ?? No man or women is worth putting your life or future on hold for !Dying for or going to Jail for !! Life dose go on and there is some one out in this world for everyone !! the ones that are alone are the ones that made that choice for them self, the ones that make it hard for them self to even try to be with some one and learn what the Likes or the Dislikes the Wants or the don't wants from one another ?? is the ones that don't know what they want from one because they do not know what is it they can give or do for the other ones.. So ask your self what is it you can do for them and not only what good they can do for you? :)) The TRUTH SETS ALL FREE !!!!

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Advisor Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert's Recent Feedback


February 27 2019 04:56 PM

Great call! Great insight and predictions. Will wait until April to see if they happen, but thank you. You give me hope!


August 19 2018 07:54 PM

Thank you

Makeeda ismael

June 04 2018 03:29 PM

Always honest about what she sees and passionate about her clients. Lots of great info from her as well


June 01 2018 10:05 PM

She knew the initials of people involved and certain details without me telling her. Pretty in tune.

Makeeda ismael

May 21 2018 03:32 PM

I feel like this woman truly has my back, she goes above and beyond as an adviser. Checking in on me periodically, and giving honest info, even when it's not what I want to hear..she is the true definition of support.thanks


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