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Money spell love ritual reverse spell and more call me for more informatio


Hello and thank you for clicking onto my page I am psychic Sabrina a true and honest psychic all readings are very detailed and to the the point I tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear nothing is sugarcoat it in life so if you’re battling a situation that you’re not sure what path to take anymore if someone is standing in your way blocking you from your love or even tapping into your finances you’ve clicked on to the right Advisor I’m a true and honest psychic that go back many generations both mother and grandmother introduced me to my gifted a very young age I have been professionally advising and healing customers for a little over 20 years my services are chakra healing spiritual healing life coach terra cards crystal ball for life readings all readings are Based on your energies whatever I connect from you whether it’s past present or future I will not hold anything back I will inform you immediately

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Advisor Sabrina's Recent Feedback


March 17 2019 07:38 PM

Thank you Sabrina for your honesty..This has been a tough journey for me. Will call you soon. Awesome call


February 10 2019 08:21 AM


February 05 2019 06:24 AM

Thank you Sabrina! You are the sweetest! You get right to the point and gave me answered I needed to know! It’s always nice to speak to you.


November 03 2018 06:31 AM

thank you so much for a great reading! You were able to picked up so much for me and my person! Making me feel much better and see things more clearly. Thank you and talk to you again soon!


August 13 2018 05:40 PM

Was accurate about POI, a little too much description of the POI and not predictions. 5 stars for accuracy.


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